Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm so lazy...

Okay, so, it's not like I haven't actually been working, I just haven't been responsible. Which is why it's always, like, six months between blog postings. Well, now instead of posting some crappy sketch, I've also got an actual, real, black-and-white, multi-paneled, word-ballooned COMIC to post! Whoa!

And also a couple crappy sketches...

But first, my first comic from Job #2 (so far, Job #2, hostessing at a restaurant, has not made me want to punch babies) and is an actual conversation.

On to the crappy sketches! Robot folks!

ALL male-type steampunk robots have birthing hips, you should KNOW that...

She wears high-heels because she feels it makes her butt look nice.


  1. I know those conversations! I see Vermont hasn't changed one bit!

    Lurv your work. I want to work with you.

  2. HA! That was so awkwardly P.C. and hilarious.