Monday, May 2, 2011

Boston Comic Con!

At left: me chillin' with some Ghostbusters from New Hampshire.

Got back from Boston yesterday! Matt Aucoin and I had a GREAT time at Boston Comic Con! Saw some familiar faces, saw a ton of new ones, and totally geeked out over some of my favorite artists. Matt and I stayed with our friend and classmate, the incomparable Jose Olivares, who even had a couple hours to table with us on Sunday morning! I feel his presence lent some much-needed credibility to our table!

Below: Matt Aucoin Chillin' with a couple girls I'm convinced represent the future of white-female-gangster-rappers

Matt and I were tabling nearby a couple artists that I've seen at MoCCA and SPX: Cathy Leamy and Joel Gill. I've traded with Cathy before and picked up her very informative guide to eco-friendly feminine hygiene.

I also picked up a pack of Joel's "Black Conservatives Trading Cards" (series 1). Included in each pack is four printed cards and a beautifully screen-printed card. I always kicked myself for not buying these at a previous convention, so I was thrilled to see them there! Can't wait to get the second series!

I got Darwyn Cooke and Frank Cho to sign some of their work for me. I was concerned that I might completely lose it and throw a bra at one of their heads, but thankfully, I kept my underwear and my composure. Well, maybe not my composure. I even got to see Frank Cho do a beautiful pencil drawing of Tigra battling ninjas in a train (done in less than 45 minutes!).

I picked up a sketchbook from Stan Sakai. He had about four or five different booklets he was selling for $10, with his autograph and a cool sketch of Usagi inside!

Also met Michael Dooney, of TMNT fame. He asked me how classmate and former Mirage Publishing intern Melissa Mendes was doing (she's good). I picked up his "Girls I Like" booklet with both black and white and full-color drawings, as well as his "TMNT Sketch Cards" book. He even sketched a couple turtles for me! He was incredibly nice and probably used to pacifying turtles geeks! He even told me I looked like a pinup lady!

I know it's an expectation at these big conventions to see a lot of people in badly-fitting costumes who clearly sleep in them, but for every one of those, there was one really great-looking, well-put-together costume. I thought I would find it a little intimidating, but it was a lot of fun to see all the different costumes and what people did with them. It added a lot of interest and color to the crowd! Plus, how often do I get to meet Sailor Mercury?

Update: Donald Jin, a nice fellow snapping photos at the convention, included a picture of me on his "Project 365" blog. I recommend you hop over there and check out his work, he takes amazing pictures!

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