Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Image Dump

So, I've run out of finished, scanned comics to post and since my lab fee at CCS expired, I won't have more comics to post until I either cough up another lab fee, or cough up some moola for my own equipment to scan and edit my comics (which is actually my long-term plan). So for the time being, here's some stuff that I already scanned in my school's wonderful computer lab.

First up: some random sketches of random characters that are random.

Next up: my buddy Matt Aucoin and I had an idea to make a twisted pinup calendar featuring scantily-clad psychopaths in what are hopefully somewhat humorous, if grim, situations. I did pencils, which he made look good with his mad inking skills (check out his webcomic Percy and Grimm). The project has been back-burner-ed for the moment, but I look forward to picking it up again because it was a lot of fun! It also afforded me the opportunity to practice coloring in the computer. It's not perfect, but here's the most finished image of the bunch:

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