Saturday, August 10, 2013

Boston Comic Con 2013 (#1)

Well, after a week I've finally shaken myself out of my post-con zombie state, shuffled through my photos and scanned the doodles I did behind the table during my down-time.

It was a fantastic show, the venue was bigger and nicer, there were more people, and my comic sales were better at this con than at any con I've been to before. It was very exciting, encouraging and motivating for me. The scope of the thing was a bit intimidating and at times overwhelming, but I had a great time.

Left-to-right: Jose-Luis Olivares, Yours Truly, Matt Aucoin, Mo Oh, Jesse Lonergan

I tabled with my outstandingly talented pals Jose-Luis Olivares, Mo Oh, Jesse Lonergan and Matt Aucoin who made the haul down from Vermont to come. I'm so glad I was able to be surrounded by such talent at my table. My patient and supportive girlfriend also provided coffee runs, moral support, salesmanship and a much-needed shoulder-rub. Without her, I'm fairly certain we all would have crashed.

Because of the sheer number of photos I took and wonderful cosplays I want to highlight, I'll do a double-post about Boston Comic Con.

It's-a Mario!
A beautiful steampunk Wonder Woman.

Badass Legend of Korra crew!

Avengers/ Storm Trooper mashup

Darth Vader and his clone trooper girlfriend are steppin' out!
Awesome gender-swapped Avengers!

The steampunk Wonder Woman was by far my favorite of the numerous steampunk cos-plays, superhero or otherwise! I love that a lot of cosplayers would have a pose that they would strike for photos. It shows they were really into their characters and wanted to take a good picture. I wish I'd taken some detail photos of the crew of lady-Avengers, their costumes were beautiful and well-made. They managed to gender-swap their characters without needing to go overboard with the T&A, while being absolutely feminine. Julia Pug, who created the costumes does a lot of gorgeous sewing projects, has a great blog with some of her other work.

Jimmy Aquino of the Comics News Insider podcast picked up Unpleasant People #1-4 ($12 for all four issues, plus shipping, y'all!) and mentioned it as one of his "Top 3" in episode #488. It really meant a lot to me to get mentioned, and I was grinning like a mad fool when he talked about my work. Pretty sure I scared my roommate.

After seeing an adorable little girl wearing a Spiderman shirt and a tutu, I was inspired!

My girlfriend Sarah had some great suggestions for other heroes to get the tutu treatment, and I think I'm addicted:


There will be more to come! Maybe I'll clean these up nicely and make prints for the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo. Gotta keep thinking ahead!

Next up: the rest of my favorite cosplays, links to the fabulous artists whose prints I picked up, me gushing about having met Mike Mignola and a couple more lads in tutus!


  1. Thank you so much for liking my Avengers group. I absolutely love your drawing of Spider-man in a tutu.

    1. Glad you enjoyed my graceful Spiderman. I bet you could do a killer Spiderman/ballerina mashup!

  2. I love the "color as shadow" in the sketches. My markers, no matter how many times I replace them, seem to always be on the brink of death. This'd save me that pain at cons. I may borrow that technique. :)

    Also, good to see you at the show! (Even briefly.)

    1. It was nice to see you, too! Congrats on being on a panel! I wish I had been able to make it, but I wanted to stick close to my table. Hope you're coming next year!

    2. I maintain Gallifrey One has the best outside-the-con-after-hours community, but this was the best experience for me behind a table/on a panel. Yes, I will definitely be coming back next year.