Thursday, February 2, 2012

Here's Some Things...

Noticed something cool the other day: when I was drawing the below comic, I used two different "Star Trek" fonts, one from The Next Generation in the fourth panel, and another non-italicized version of the title font from the original series.

That's not the cool thing. (although Star Trek fonts are, in and of themselves, pretty cool)

The cool thing is that I noticed a diner in Somerville uses the same non-italicized Star Trek font for their sign! I wouldn't have made the connection if I hadn't drawn that comic! These are the things that excite me.

Also, I was walking around and noticed people staring up at the roof of a pizza place. I was thinking "What's so special about those air conditioners?", then I spotted it, too!

A red-tailed hawk, chowing down on a pigeon lunch. There were quite a few feathers floating down. My camera doesn't have a good zoom, or resolution, but I snapped a couple pics anyway. Eventually it flew off (probably got self-conscious with everyone watching him eat).

All raptors aside, it was nice to just chat with random people on the street that I would otherwise just walk past. Being able to just stop and look at something interesting and gab about it with strangers is something I really missed about the pedestrian lifestyle. I really like it here!

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