Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Too Much Star Trek

I've been watching "Star Trek: Voyager" lately and as you can tell from the comic below, I've maintained a healthy lack of personal investment in the fictional characters and situations.

Does anyone else think that Captain Janeway bears a passing resemblance to a Gibson Girl?
I think it's the up-do.

Note: I've disabled Lightbox on my blog, so when you click on an image, it will take you to another page with just the image and the option to see it full-sized. I realized that some of the smaller text was too hard to see using Lightbox, and might be unreadable unless seen at full size.


  1. Oh man, what is it with Voyager and space-baby-mama-drama?

    For the love of goodness, light and newt-procreation (lower-case "N" there, thank ghod for small favors), don't watch THRESHOLD.

    I only READ about it and was thoroughly endumbened; but if you've been spared that episode, and you need to feel like you've watched it, they vivisect it scene-by-scene here:

    In the land of selfservingness, of the 5-6 different comic episode cards, i think it's not unlikely I gave you the "The Sh*t Just Got Real O'Clock" one, which makes this blog entry doubly the one that must be commented on.

    Rereading the construction of the last paragraph in dismay; DETANGLE THAT SYNTAX, LINGUISTS OF AMERICA!

  2. Chakotay's expression at the end is priceless! I want to hug the poor guy, but I think if anyone squeezes him right now he'll puke.