Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I have not been idle!

So, AGES since my last post...

This is why. I'm coding the whole thing from scratch, and learning quite a bit about HTML 5, which is pretty fun. It's intended to be a mostly static site, for the purposes of promoting my work to potential illustration clients. I also had the URL printed on my new business cards, and was under pressure to get something up there before distributing said cards and the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE) which, of course, was awesome!

 It's still a work-in-progress. I have a few more illustrations to post, and I need to get a real online store going (so if anyone has any feedback concerning paypal, etsy and/or other online selling options, feel free to email me!), add some links and make the whole thing a little more polished.

Here's a cut little picture that I did three years ago, because this post needs a picture:

Although I haven't been posting them here, I've been working on both short comics for the next issue of Brain Parts (once I have that scanning-party, I'll post some) and Unpleasant People #5. Related to that, I'm also working on a website for Unpleasant People which will have a blog, character profiles, sketches and the first three issues available to read for free!

Here's the header for the Unpleasant People website, because this post needs another picture:
So I've put a lot on my plate. Fortunately, Boston Comic Con 2014 is in August again which gives me plenty of time. I plan on having two new issues of Brain Parts by then as well as Unpleasant People #5. I'm also tossing together an issue of Brain Parts with comics that I did when at the Center for Cartoon Studies.

Also, to those living local in the Boston area, Unpleasant People #1-4 are at Hub Comics in the local artists section. Yaaay!

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